BJJ Gift Wrap Escape So Easy You’ll Palm Your Face


The Gift Wrap or Perfect Mount as I’ve heard it called is a terrible position in BJJ! Well. . . terrible for the person on bottom.

I always assumed that the reason it was dubbed “Gift Wrap” was because the person is literally wrapped up lift a gift for you.

And when you decide to unwrap this gift in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu it’s with a submission.

Now, it’s a tough position for sure. And your best bet is to not get stuck there in the 1st place.

But if it happens. In this video I share a simple technique that you can use to pry yourself out of the Gift Wrap from Mount so that you can continue working and rolling.

It’s not an easy escape and there are submission counters. But it works.

I also show how you can use this same technique principle when you are working from Half Guard and you’re getting crossed faced.